Meet Katie Beddingfield.

Growing up in Kansas, summer trips involved a lot of time in the back seat of my parents' Chrysler as we headed to one coast or another, exploring the nooks and crannies of the American landscape. At Wake Forest University, wanderlust was firmly cemented during a semester abroad, where I studied art history in Venice, Italy. and traveled through Europe every weekend by rail. 

My first career was in journalism. I covered aviation and the travel industry as a reporter and editor for US News & World Report for many years, and later freelanced for National Geographic Traveler.

No doubt my research acumen - and hefty rolodex of travel experts - helped steer me towards the travel business: first in corporate sales and account management for a global travel management firm, then in sales and marketing for a renowned safari tour operator, and now as an entrepreneur and travel advisor. I am an expert collaborator with an amazing network of travel professionals.

So whether it's a trip of a lifetime - or just a trip this month - l love designing customized experiences and exceeding my travelers' expectations each and every time!